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About Kevin

Like most musicians, Kevin began his musical adventure on a different instrument. Piano lessons at age 9 started it. At his first jam session at age 15, he soon realized that his band needed a bass player. “Hmmm…4 strings, no chords. That’s the one for me!” It was also at this time that his world was opened by learning music theory from his teacher, Casey Wonderlick.

Shortly after his first gig, Kevin played in various club bands around Chicago for the next 20 years. Oh, and a few gigs in Las Vegas in 1979.

Kevin moved to Sarasota during the summer of 1996. It was here that his music would expand. Playing regularly with popular local bands, touring, recording, working on a music degree, serving as a worship leader and doing session work. Whew!

Past bands include Tomfoolery, Eddie C and the Bluesmakers, Vertigo, Lisa Ridings, and Lauren Mitchell.

Recent highlights include doing fill in work with Nashville artists Meg Williams and Travis Bowlin, opening for Country legend Lee Greenwood and now performing with Billy Rice and his band.

Let’s see where this musical journey leads!


Available for fill-in-and session work. Let's connect.

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